“At 22, I found out about something called Vipassana – a 10-day silent meditation course. As these things go, the timing was right, I was open to the opportunity, and took on what was to be one of the most simultaneously challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. In this silence, I contemplated a new path.

Despite the distance between where I came from, where I was, & where I was headed, it was in that period that my purpose revealed itself. The path wasn’t clear or easy, but it was now clearly there, and I ready to begin upon it. I couldn’t even imagine touching my toes, yet I was setting off on the journey to where I am now today – devoted solely the investigation of movement in all of its modalities. Little did I know this journey would take me everywhere from China to train martial arts with monks, to Montreal to study circus acrobatics with experts, to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Thailand to train my own students today.”

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